Good Vibrations

Here’s the snow-selfie you’ve all been waiting for.


I just got back from an advanced asana training with my Pranakriya people in Philly.

You guys, I am LIT UP.

Like Las Vegas skyline lit up.

I am also completely sore and exhausted. Each day ended and I felt like I had been swimming in the ocean. My body was heavy and my skin was sticky with sweat.

But the amazing energy that I’m feeling, the good vibrations, came from reuniting with my people.

There is just something about practicing with your tribe.

There is something completely electrifying about being in a room full of amazing yogis who get it.

There is that moment on the mat and I look to my right and my left and I feel it.

We have a pulse. We have an understanding. We dissolve into molecules. Into vibrations. Into experiences in a field of consciousness.

We reach, breathe, stretch, and work together in a way that dissipates into a seamless dance of sponda. Of energy. Of gunas.

And now I’m back in Boston away from these beautiful people, but I can feel that hum on my mat like a song in the wind.

Thank you to all of you who know exactly who you are and exactly what I’m talking about.

Jai Bhagwan

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  1. cometparty says:

    LOVE this post. LOVE IT! xoxox

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