MindFUEL yoga + Writing

Most of us are already looking forward to March, especially in Boston. In March, our 77.3 inches of snow will disappear deep into our snow-shocked minds. We might see grass again. The sun will be out past 4:59pm.

But here’s another reason.

Remember when I was blathering on about this great upcoming event back in DECEMBER? (Time is a fickle beast I’m learning to tame.) This idea will finally become a reality on March 7th!

Save that mother truckin’ date.

The beautiful writer Camillie DeAngelis is sneaking in time the weekend before her newest book release because she’s amazing. We’re teaming up to create, what we hope, is an ” unforgettable workshop to evoke the creative balance between yoga and writing.”

Pretty tantalizing stuff, eh?

This is the first of what we hope to be many both MindFUEL yoga and MindFUEL yoga+ Writing events. And we really want you to be a part of it.

Come if you can wield a pen. Write your term paper. Write your next novel. Write that email you’ve been avoiding. Write your grocery list. Maybe just come for the cupcakes. Yep, I’m now bribing you with treats.

But wait, it gets even better.

I’ve interviewed Camille about her writing process, her yoga practice, and some other juicy tid-bits that will help you get to know her better and make MindFUEL yoga +writing impossible to miss.

Interview and registration link to come soon!

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