Word on the Street

Student Review are posted anonymously and ordered according to most present.



“Dear Brynne, I came to your class by accident one day and now I keep coming back, because I found something very important for me.  Believe it or not, but my poor hip joint that made my life miserable for weeks got fixed miraculously after that first class. But most importantly, I never before experienced yoga on such spiritual level. Your attention to breathing did wonders for my soul, I am a step closer to true meditation and my shavasanas have never been as satisfying as in your class. Please continue doing what you are doing, Brynne.”



You have clearly found a significant piece of your dharma! Wow! You class was beautifully paced, intelligently sequenced and led with compassion and love. I was overcome with emotion from the centering to savasana. Jai Bhagwan, dear Brynne. Jai!”



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