(Re) On Your Mark…

So we’ve resolutioned. And maybe re-resolutioned.

Or at least 45% of us did. Mostly with too much alcohol, a lot of glitter, and shoes that leave your feet hungover.

And apparently only 8% of us will actually succeed in our resolutions.

My friend, pull that old confetti out of the couch cushion and throw it again because that 8% totally includes you. Woot!

Why am I so sure?  Because you have me. And I own this shit.

So, without further ado, here is Yogini B’s Guideline for Making 2015 Your Bitch.

1. Find your theme.

If you’re like me, you can make a resolution list with twenty goals in less than five minutes. So do it. And then pick out the general theme of your goals. For example, your resolutions could be

loose weight, be more mindful, start yoga (yay!), be happier, try something new, eat better, travel more, spend less, read a book a month, get a new job.” 

Excellent. Now read through and find resolutions that relate to each other, your functional groups. (And you thought you’d never use chemistry out of high school.) To me, this person’s label is “wellness”.  There could also be a second group of “finance”, but for simplicity we’ll deal with just wellness.

2. Pick your action.

My father, in all of his wisdom, raised his children on the KISS method. Keep-It-Simple-Stupid. And simple we shall, Dad. Why? Because resolutions are simply new habits that we are trying re-wire over the old habits that never actually go away. We need the path of least resistance or we will never change.

So, to this specific person I would recommend taking five minutes everyday and dedicating that time into “wellness”. Maybe its a five minute walk. Maybe it’s one minute of breathing and four minutes of yoga. Maybe its one minute each of push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, plank, and playing with your dog. Maybe you pick something different for each day of the week.

Its possible that you’re thinking two things right now:

1. Five minutes is easy peasey lemon squeezey.

2. How will this help me reach all of my resolutions because I dearly want each one of them to come true?

Remember the phrase “gateway drug” that was shoved into our brains in sixth grade? Well, your five minutes is acting as a gateway habit which is even more addicting to your brain than Mary Jane.

Here’s how it works:

Five minutes is not terrifying to you so fear is eliminated and you gracefully move straight into action, like a boss. You decide to walk for five minutes one day. The next day, the sun is shining and the birds are all happy-like chirping and you decide to take an extra lap around the block. Another day, the dog is super spunky and you decide to be a great owner and take Wolfy for a longer walk. Before you know it you are walking every evening for half an hour.

But wait, there’s more.

You stop over-eating at dinner because you notice it feels better to walk when your belly isn’t stuffed. You notice how clear-headed you feel being outside and develop a walking meditation. You start loving your walk so much you start doing it in the morning as well. Then you decide to give running a try. You start eating better to have more energy for your walks and runs. You try yoga to balance out your running routine. Endorphin’s are bubbling like champagne in your veins. You’re trying new things, you have more energy, you sign up for a 5k in Florida because YOLO. Your boss notices your spunk and you get a raise which you don’t even need because you’re spending less since your new activities means less money spent on On Demand.

And then it’s December 31st and you did every single one of your resolutions. It took all 365 days, but you did it.

3. Pick your reaction.

Before your habit really solidifies in your brain wiring, you need a catalyst. (More chem!) If you want to walk every morning, try leaving your shoes out. Or maybe leave your mat out if you want to do yoga in the morning. Maybe set a timer that makes you immediately stop what you’re doing and take your five minutes of your best work. Over time, your activity will become automatic. I promise.

4. Never ever ever ever ever be perfect. 

You’re probably going to mess up. There is friction, or yogi tapas in your work that makes your resolution hard. There is life and you have kids and a job and just not enough time some days. By accepting you’re not perfect, by giving the resolutions to yourself as a precious gift, you won’t feel any of the horrible anchors of shame and guilt and hopelessness.

You’ll just try again tomorrow, for five little minutes.

And no matter what, you’re way ahead of the pansies who are too afraid to make a resolution. Or a re-resolution.






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  1. cometparty says:

    Thank you for helping me with my longish-term goal of sharing what I know in a more teacherly fashion. 😉



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