Busted: Liver juicing

It’s yoga book club time again.

Let’s paint a picture first.

You’re in class and the teacher tells you some crazy magic you are receiving from the posture. You’re preventing breakouts, you’re solving world peace, you’re juicing your liver. If you’re like me, you think “Wait, what do you mean juicing my liver?” and your brain immediately sees the image of your liver tossed in a magic bullet with some kale and acai powder. As you start to decide if that would be the most disgusting thing you’ve ever drank or the second, you notice you’re still on the floor while everyone else is in tadasana.

Am I right?

Pragmatic yogis in the house say heyyyyy….

Fortunately, “The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards” by William J. Broad will help enlighten us. The book explains the scientific processes in much of yoga in a clear and precise manner that allows scientific comprehension without necessarily needing the background. Broad is the Mythbusters of yoga minus Jamie’s resplendent mustache. Any student or teacher could easily read this book. And any student or teacher should.

So the next time your teacher says your poor, unsuspecting liver is being juiced, you can think to your self, “What a mysterious way to say that our movements are increasing our blood flow which aid liver detoxification. Thanks Brynne and Will!” and you can go back into your practice.


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