The Deep End

Holy shit, January is over the hump and I haven’t posted yet this month. How is 2014 for everyone? I hope amazing. I have pretty new pictures on the site now with more to come! Check it out!

My own year so far: I officially jumped into the yoga deep end.**

Remember the Ishvara Pranidhana post about my stressful/unsuccessful job search? Well, I was FINALLY offered a job! And then another one because the universe’s favorite tool is a wrench.

I turned down the office job with a meaty pay check, benefits, and security to help coordinate, market, and teach at a yoga studio.

I don’t know if I peed my pants in excitement or fear. Probably a mixed cocktail.

I picked the yoga job because I wasn’t thinking about when I could get out of it, but what I could put into it.

The office position just didn’t excite me the way the yoga job does. I’m inspired. I spent Friday night dreaming of ideas and I haven’t even started yet. I feel this humming energy, like when you’ve had too much caffeine, when I think about my future. I smile picturing myself in my new job. I think this matters more than money.

And if I’m wrong, I am only 24. I have at least 40 more years to make up for this decision.

For now, I’m in the deep end trying to make waves in the yoga world. I’m definitely the new kid in the pool wearing floaties and too much sunscreen.

But I’m in the water.




**And I tried French Onion soup. It was as disgusting as I thought it would taste.

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