The Year in Review

There is something refreshing about a new year. We scrummage around looking for our old resolutions while thinking of new ones.

For me, 2013, was a year of experience. I had the highest highs and some of my lowest emotional lows. I accomplished things I’ve always wanted and dealt with things I never expected. Facebook gave me my “Year in Review”, but I didn’t like it. It didn’t encapsulate my vision of 2013. So here is my own year in review:

I moved three times.

I became a teaching yoga instructor.

I ran my first 10k.

I got engaged.

I flirted with depression.

I made my own website.

I got good at down-hill skiing.

I became a professional at public transportation.

I explored the levels of rejection.

I found the courage to not cook with a recipe.

I learned to navigate two different cities.

I got a credit-score.

I became unafraid of public speaking.

I started meditating.

I practiced yoga for 2 years straight, minus one day, 10/4/13.

I’m kinda sorta more adaptable.

I knitted a hat.

I bought renters insurance.

I realized its okay to use support, not just be support.

I loosened my infallibly tight hamstrings.

I am a co-owner of a couch.

So many experiences. I feel like less of a rookie now. I feel like I’m starting to fill out as the definition of myself. I’m stronger and scrappier. I’m finding more things to love and releasing things I don’t.

I feel like I’m crossing the 2013 finish line able to surrender the whole year to the universe. I’m the rookie of the year 2013. I can take anything now.

2014, come at me, bro.

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  1. You are so amazing! Onward! I cannot wait to see what you become in 2014! You are destined for greatness. Mark my words!


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