On the 10th Day

..of Christmas Patanjali gave to me…

One Minute of Pranayam

Two Fire Hydrants

Three Downward Dogs

Four Different Twists

Five Minutes Meditating

Six Lion Faces

Seven Favorite Postures

Eight Second Arm Balance

Nine Breath Inversion

Ten Second Balance

Testing out the old vestibular system. Balance postures are hard to swallow for many because they think wobbling means you are doing the pose wrong. Wobbling means you are doing the pose right. We are synchronizing ourselves to earth’s equilibrium, just like syncing an iPod. Our foot plugs into the mat and messages transfer between you and the earth. Your body knows how to balance with the spatial awareness based on these secret, undetectable chemical messages constantly exchanging. The exchanging is why we wobble.

Just like hanging a painting, our bodies are saying “A little higher to the left…your other left….nope, too high, bring it back down slowly….”

So, on this note, wobble away in your ten second balance pose. For beginner yogis I recommend Vriksanana or Tree pose. Happy Balancing!

Day 10

Take the Microphone: What do YOU think?

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