On the 11th Day

..of Christmas Patanjali gave to me…

One Minute of Pranayam

Two Fire Hydrants

Three Downward Dogs

Four Different Twists

Five Minutes Meditating

Six Lion Faces

Seven Favorite Postures

Eight Second Arm Balance

Nine Breath Inversion

Ten Second Balance

Eleven Breaths in Hamstring

It’s Christmas crunch-time. Food needs to be bought, there is a new holiday party every night, last minute purchases are made, school is out soon and kids cannot stop wiggling with energy. The laundry room has become an arena of the Hunger Games in my apartment, people are battling for empty machines. 

For day eleven, pick a hamstring stretch. It can be forward fold, seated forward fold, pyramid, or anything that stretches the back of your thighs. Hold the posture for eleven deep, slow breaths, sending all of your focus into your hamstrings. Stretching your hamstrings will send calming messages to your body and brain, feelings of safety and lack of stress. Even if you’ve fallen off the challenge, come back with us for some breaths in a hamstring stretch. The cookies can wait, the shopping can wait, the cleaning can wait. Connect yourself for a few moments and change the outcome of your day. 

For an extra yummy release, roll on to your back with your knees to your chest.

Advanced yogis can try holding paschimottanasana for 1-5 minutes.

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