Off The Mat Moment

I’m obsessed with cairns.

Santorini Cairn over looking the village Oia taken on what my husband and I fondly remember as the “Death March of Ignorance.” (You should totally ask me about that story.)

I recently learned that some people HATE them.

“It’s human ego, we cannot go anywhere without leaving a mark.”

“They’re dangerous for hikers.”

“It reminds us that people were there before us.”

“It’s nature graffiti.”  (I also love graffiti.)

Another Santorini Cairn overlooking the Aegean

I love running into their stately presence on long hikes.

I feel connected to every other hiker that was and will be.

I feel like cairns are a tribute to nature–live art that is built by a community with love and respect for outdoors.

Cairns by the “Wisdom Tree” in Los Angeles.

I admire the balance of something so heavy and clumsy transformed into something so tall and regal.

How many times do we find ourselves feeling so heavy and clumsy-completely out of our element?

And how many times, with the perfect re-stacking and support, do we regain our balance and become majestic?

Cairns overlooking the LA skyline.

I feel like we build our own cairns in our yoga and meditation practice.

The postures stack and re-stack our bones and muscles into a perfect balance.

Pranayama tests the sturdiness, crumbling anything that doesn’t belong.

And meditation rebuilds again, and again, and again.

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  1. Beautiful post! I love them too. I always build a little one wherever I go, even in my own house I have a little stack of pebbles, just because. : ) I love the analogy to yoga.

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  2. cometparty says:

    Beautiful post, Brynne! (My friend Aravinda and I rented an ATV and drove up and down Santorini, stopping in Oia for a bit of shopping. Happy memories!!)

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    1. YoginiB says:

      That would be such a great trip!


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