I really like this video.

I like that it reminds us to take a step back from our prejudices and insta-judgments that we constantly make.

As a yoga teacher, I’ve taught all sorts of people.

I’ve taught the crazy astrologist hippies who doesn’t wear underwear.

I’ve taught the men and women who won’t get off of their cell phones during class.

I’ve taught the dude I mentally nicknamed “Bear Claw” who does not waste an opportunity to take his shirt off, revealing his huge bear head tattoo. I’ve taught the women who love taking their shirts off too.

I’ve taught the incredibly cerebral and oh so smelly.

I’ve taught the people who are so put together (read: on fleek) that their toenails match their outfit and the slightest mat squeak makes them blush.

I’ve also practiced next to these people. And I know you have too. Or you can imagine.

It’s so easy to write off someone who doesn’t fit your “mold of things that are acceptable” with its perfect little check boxes.

This is where you practice mindfulness.

Because everyone came to yoga for a reason. 

So you say a little prayer that they find what they came for in their practice.

And you stand behind the person who doesn’t wear underwear when she’s bending over.

You gently remind the cell phone users to take this time for themselves.

You assist Bear Claw before he takes his shirt off. And verbally after. (Not because his sweat is that gross, but because slippery assists are dangerous.)

You open a window to ventilate the smelly people and assist them as you exhale.

Maybe you allow yourself to get a little ridiculous so the students know they can relax.

And always remember that yogis from the beginning of time have been incredibly eccentric and wildly weird.

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