On the 12th Day

..of Christmas Patanjali gave to me…

One Minute of Pranayam

Two Fire Hydrants

Three Downward Dogs

Four Different Twists

Five Minutes Meditating

Six Lion Faces

Seven Favorite Postures

Eight Second Arm Balance

Nine Breath Inversion

Ten Second Balance

Eleven Breaths in Hamstring

Twelve Sun Salutes

Happy Christmas Eve! Congratulations! We did it!

End the challenge with 12 of whatever sun salutation you love doing. Make them an expression of why you’re great. Or an expression of 2013. Or sticking with something for 12 days straight. Can you get a streak going? I bet you can!


Thank you so much to my Santas and Grinches for hitting the mat with me.

I really, honestly believe that a home practice is a completely different kind of yoga. I hope that somewhere within the 12 days of practice you found something new about yourself or your body or mind that you can take with you into the new year. 


Much love to you and yours this holiday,

Yogini B

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