I Have Really Smart Friends

I have really smart friends.

One dropped this bombshell on me the other morning, “I think timing is perfect every time.”

Woah. Here I was, gritty eyed and mentally only able to focus on my latte.

Time is perfect every time.

This quote has been percolating in my brain since she said it.

It’s similar to “everything happens for a reason” but so much more. First of all, that phrase is as expired as the milk you forgot in the fridge before vacation…and maybe scrunchies. RIP scrunchies.

I mostly love the phrase because in our language, time is so often villanous. We have to steal time, wish for time, push time, watch time, sneak time, count time, and escape time. We are damsels in distress; completely at the whim of time.

But if time is always perfect? Suddenly, I feel proactive. I feel spacious. I feel at ease.

If timing is perfect, I can do. I can be.

The water is always warm. The price is always right.

Time isn’t happening to me. I am happening to life.

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