The 0’s of March Part III (Or, “How the &$#% is it April?!)

I know, I know. It’s April now. Spring has come to Boston bringing rain, baseball, and a surplus of food trucks that make me drool every bike ride into work.

But let me show you the rest of my March. The “0” here is my face the entire last week as I skiied/hiked/drove from one amazing event to another.

This epic journey starts in Stowe, Vermont for a wonderful farewell to winter getaway.

It was freezing. Good riddance to winter, indeed. We skied and hot-tubbed and hiked (and I yoga-ed) our hearts out.


View from the cabin
I snuck into the yoga room to practice with THIS view.
I snuck into the yoga room to practice with THIS view.
Down-hill warriors in -14 degrees
Down-hill warriors in -14 degrees


X-Country Trek 1/2. It was a balmy 0 that day.



Then we drove 9 hours to get to a friend’s wedding and catch up with college friends I hadn’t seen in two years.




And THEN (if there wasn’t enough to celebrate already) my dear, dear future sister had her BABY!

Meet sweet, little Lilith.


I retuned to Boston exhausted–feeling the opposite of how you’re supposed to feel after a week off of work. My head was spinning from all of the monumental events in a 72 hour span.

But I’m also filled with complete awe in the gentle sweetness of life.

We made it to spring.

Life is good.


(Winter–don’t let the door hit you on your way out.)











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