On the 7th Day

..of Christmas Patanjali gave to me…

One Minute of Pranayam

Two Fire Hydrants

Three Downward Dogs

Four Different Twists

Five Minutes Meditating

Six Lion Faces

Seven Favorite Postures

We’re over the hump! Seven of your most favoritest, yummiest postures. Want to chill in childs pose seven posture’s worth? Go for it. Want to power it up into a headstand? May the force be with you. Do seven of the postures that fill you with joy, but there’s a catch. Conscientiously allow that joy to fill you by holding each posture for five to ten breaths and being completely aware of the posture the entire time. Cultivate awareness about why you love the postures so much, how they make you feel, what muscles have to work, or just the shape your body is in. Make these postures be the most joyful expression you have ever done in your life. Deal?

Day 7

Take the Microphone: What do YOU think?

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