On the 2nd Day

…of Christmas Patanjali gave to me…

One Minute of Pranayam

Two Fire Hydrants

So here’s the split. My Grinches will just do two fire hydrants and my Santas will do two fire hydrants and one minute of pranayam. As I said before, this is your practice. Two can mean a left and right side, or the Super Santas can do two left and two right. 

This posture is the amazing and terrifying teacher posture for me. Not as intense as Ms. Trunchable, but definitely no Miss Honey. You hate every minute of this teachers class… until you graduate. and what you learned was actually applicable. That’s Fire Hydrant.

Kneel in table-top position with your knees touching and your hands directly under your shoulders. On an inhale, lift your right leg parallel to the floor with the knee at a right angle. You will be reminiscent of a dog peeing on a fire hydrant.

Beginner Yogis hold for five breaths and set down

Advanced Yogis hold for ten breaths and release, or straighten leg out half way.

For an extra release take child’s pose between sides.

Woot woot! Day two is done!

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