12 Days of Christmas Yoga Challenge

The holidaze are upon us. For those of you who didn’t start pre-gaming at Halloween, that is.

It goes without saying that the holidays are a time when we really need yoga, but cannot find the time/money/energy to take that break.

The holiday season, as far as I am concerned, is tapas incarnate. We shuffle from party to party to shop to shop to family to family with our heads spinning in ribbons and carbohydrates.

Don’t you worry, yogis and yoginis, I have the solution.

It’s the 12 Days Before Christmas Yoga Challenge!

Here’s how it works. Everyday, starting December 12th, I will be releasing a new challenge (that fits rhythmically to the song–because I love you that much) that will give you an excuse to give yourself YOU time this holiday season.


And guess what? It’s FREE! And you don’t have to stand in line on Grey Thursday/Black Friday because it’s 12 days of Yogini B cyber deals. #winning

There are two paths on which you can take this challenge: The Grinch approach and the Santa.

Grinches can take each practice as it’s own means to an end. So, for example, five block inversions (See, musical. Solid, right? If you close your eyes and listen intently, the Mariah Carey vocals is me singing to you.) is day five and done. You only have to join us in Whoville for a few minutes a day.

The Santa approach rings more truthful to the building of the song. Starting with day 1 and adding day 2, 3, 4….until you do the entire practice on December 24th. You’re the glutton who cannot say no to a challenge. You will also be able to pretzel down a chimney with more finesse this year.

You can also morph between the two at any time. It’s YOUR practice. Feeling Grinchy and only want to do one thing today? Just do one. Feeling hyped up on cocoa and ready to do more? This sleigh has plenty of room.

My gift to you this holiday is the excitement of a home yoga practice. Also, risking putting myself out of business. It’s a self-sacrifice we’ll get into over Easter. Heh.

Also, to my wonderful, sweet friends who do not celebrate Christmas. Come play anyway?

So are we ready to do this thing? I am. Just prove you’re sticking it out with me by commenting and letting me know how things are going on your end.

Together, we can make it through the holidaze.



Also, because there are REAL grinches in the world, please don’t practice without consulting your physician blah, blah, and don’t sue me because you will come out even more empty-handed than if you were on the naughty list.

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