No Thank You Bites

We all have that one yoga pose we could hold for hours and feel complete bliss.

We all have that one yoga pose that one second feels like an hour.

And we kinda-mostly fake it because we just don’t want to deal with that pose today.

I have a few of those poses, but one of the big ones for me is sirsasana, headstand.

I have yogi friends who love this pose. They say silly things like, “It just feels so good, like I’m high or something.” [Don’t do drugs, kids]

My beginner students always want to learn it. My private students always ask for me to teach it. It’s a pose so many people love.

I just don’t get the magic.

I’m going to go looking for it.

When I was young, whenever something we didn’t like made it to the dinner table [cooked celery, barf] we had to have a ‘no thank you bite’. We were allowed to say, “Nope, not for me” afterwards, but we had to try everything.

I’m going to start adding sirsasana to my daily practice as my ‘no thank you bite’. Everyday I will do a headstand just to see if I can learn what I’m missing. Right now, I see this ending either two ways:

1. I will get the magic. It’s completely possible that I have shut-down to this pose from disliking it so much and 30 days of headstand will break that pattern.

2. Sirsasana is just not my jam. (And that’s totally ok.)

If any of you are interested in trying this experiment with me, just type your pose in the comment section on the blog or social media. We’ll all take ‘no thank you bites’ together.

And maybe discretely spit into our napkin when mom isn’t looking.


Day 3 and still going strong. It’s also still yucky.


Day 30. I’m so happy I did the experiment although, like most bits of science, the result was not was a expected. I still don’t know how I feel about the pose. I definitely don’t hate the pose, but I’m not in love with it either.

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