I read an article earlier this month about the chakras that really stuck with me.

Of course, I can’t find the link, but I promise I will keep looking.

I was mostly skimming the article because the author was one of the pretentious writers who imply with every sentence how idiotic you are for not knowing such obvious information. I imagine this article was written with a lot of monocle polishing and tweed.

I was also just skimming because the chakras have always just been something I needed to remember to memorize.

Two of his ideas about chakras really stood out to me that I’ve paraphrased to not sound patronizing.

1.) There are waaaayyyyy more than 7 chakras. Like hundreds.

Based on my understanding of yoga anatomy, it makes complete sense to me that there are more chakras than we imagine now. I think its possible that the seven chakras we’re often taught are the most obtainable and most noticeable. It’s easier to notice shifts in sensation in your gut than your elbow.

2.) The chakras aren’t stagnant. They are constantly moving throughout the body.

This makes so much sense to me.

Because what is yoga without movement of energy?

Let’s look at manipura chakra. It is believed that if you open that chakra in your solar plexus, you gain self-confidence, you make great decisions. But what happens if you need to speak those decisions of great confidence? Do you have to have your throat chakra and your solar plexis open? Does every chakra in between have to be open in order to gain clear speech? Things can get really complicated.

Or, now we can imagine the chakra in your throat instead.

What if you need self-confidence in your feet? Send manipura there.

What if your heart chakra, anahata, needs to go to your head? What if muladhara, or vitality, needs to go to your heart? Just move the chakra.

Cool, right?

The idea that chakras can be played with and manipulated the same way as asanas or pranayama excites me.

What do you think?


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