Good Wildfires


I love inspiring people.  People with passion, dreams, and goals. People who live their lives close to the heart. There needs to be a better word for inspiring people…Inspirationers? I bet another language has the perfect word.

I’ve noticed a strong connection between yoga and inspiring people.

I don’t know if yoga breeds inspiration or if inspiring people are drawn to yoga, but in my fifteen years of doing yoga, I’ve met so many amazing, inspiring people.

I’ve met musicians, writers, artists, and even carpenters all passionate about their work. I’ve meet people who put all of their efforts into creating a better world– through free knowledge, diet, non-profit work, or volunteering time and skills.

I’ve met world travelers who have been to Bali, India, Italy, Peru and a million other places. I know a yogini who bicycled through Israel. Another who helps women in Africa. One who wasn’t afraid to live somewhere completely new, no friends, family, or job. Others who explored Burning Man.

I’ve met yoga teachers who can light up an entire room and take everyone to their best practice.

I’ve met yogis who focus on mindfulness and purity in connection.

I’ve met a yogini who teaches homeless people yoga in her limited spare time.

I’ve met yogis camouflaged in business suits, sneaking yogic principles into their work life.

I’ve met people who have taken responsibility for their own lives, changing from victim to decider, alcoholic to sober, sick to healthy.

These people are the good wildfires. These people come into my life and set me ablaze. Their energy crackles and streaks around them in pinks and blues and yellows. It’s impossible to not be lit up. . It’s impossible to not be recharged and motivated to go into the world and start your own little campfire–and hope it spreads.

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  1. Lynne says:

    “It only takes a spark to get a fire going.”

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