Fall has come full-bloom to Boston. Look!

Trees by the Charles River
Trees by the Charles River

The leaves are preparing to make sidewalks the most dangerous place to be in the rain. The idea of a pumpkin spiced anything is starting to make people nauseous. I turned twenty four. It’s your typical fall.

And like any fall, I tend to find myself reflecting in the quiet of the season on the bright, crazy, whirlwind that was summer. Autumn provides a chance to breathe between euphoric summers and doldrum winters.

I found myself re-reading the wonderful book entitled “The Untethered Soul” written by Michael A. Singer.  The book was recommended to me by a very dear friend and is, in my opinion, the perfect fall read.

Without any spoilers, I sound like I have asphyxia when I read this book. Singer provides clarity in advice for living your life with better perspective, energy, and greater freedom.  He provides yogic advise without sounding pretentious or boring like many unfortunate books on these topics. He teaches, “You should never leave something as important as your energy flow to chance” and continues to teach you to empower yourself without making you feel like you are about to join a cult. Our minds have gone into overdrive from over stimulation and over analysis. Singer teaches how to coax your mind back to silence and put your conscious back in control.

Oh, the scary, uncharted places you will go!

Read it! Read it? Let’s start our own yogi virtual book club and talk about it!

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