You Can Dance If You Want To

You may have heard about Shiva’s kick-ass dance moves.

He dances and objects collide. Things are destroyed and things are created. Always. All the time.

His crazy dance skills are called spanda.10521_1704082

Spanda does not make sense. Shiva is out at the bar. It’s 4am. Do you think his dancing is logical? It doesn’t even look like dancing sometimes. Go home, Shiv. You’re drunk.

But the silly people we are try to control spanda.

Sometime this control can be successful. Like when your child is about to get upset so you distract her with something else. Or when your partner has a bad day so you’re extra careful pick up your socks off the floor.

Sometimes we get cocky. We have the perfect job. The perfect house. The perfect friends and relationship and even Justin Beiber isn’t annoying anymore. Everything is perfect. Nothing is out of place. And then Shiva break dances in the middle of your living room. (Ironically, the Lord of the Dance cannot break dance. This event is absolutely catastrophic.)

Spanda is always creating and destroying; it causes everything in the yogiverse to move except one thing: ego.

I bet you didn’t know that your simple New Years Resolution was actually a timeless battle of spanda and ego.

Here is how it works:

We all know that tiny part of us that wants to read more and ends up watching TV after work instead.

We all want to be a little bit healthier, but when it comes to actually making a change to our lifestyle there is always more sleep to have, more important things to do with the time, or another ‘last slice’ of pizza to eat.

We all want to spend more time with loved ones, but our phones are blowing-up with work emails and celebrity tweets that are more interesting than whatever is going on at home.

We’ve all tried to change ourselves in some way that made us irritable, cranky, tired, or stressed. We have thought to ourselves, “I was better off before I tried to change. I should go back to the way things were.”


Your ego is freaking out because it hates change.

Ego likes safety. Spanda likes dance. (Do you see what I did there?!)

The resolution you made was spanda. The idea of succeeding excites you. You feel energized. Maybe you dance, if you want to.

In order to succeed in your goal, its important to focus on the spanda behind the idea. Get excited by each success and let the failures roll off of you. In a world where nothing makes sense, each victory becomes more powerful.

If you try to force Shiva to stop dancing you will never get him out of the bar. If you dance with Shiva, you’re more likely to get where you want to go.



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